Western Theological Seminary

Name of Historic Site:  Western Theological Seminary

Description of Historic Site:  Class started at the Theological Seminary in 1866 after seven of the eight first graduates of Hope College petitioned the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America for religious training.  In 1867, Rev. Cornelious E Crispell, D.D. was elected by the General Synod as the first professor. In following years, Rev. Alburtus Van Raalte and Rev Phillip Phelps Jr. were also made professors.  In 1877, because of a national depression, financing the school was impossible and the classes were suspended.  In 1885 seminary classes resumed and it was then that the school became Western Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in America.

Phone Number:  616.392.8555

Website:  https://www.westernsem.edu/

Address:  101 E 13th St., Holland, MI