Vriesland Reformed Church

Name of Historic Site:  Vriesland Reformed Church

Description of Historic Site:  The Reformed Church of Vriesland was organized in 1846 by a group of Friesians in the Netherlands who were planning to immigrate to the United States.  Rev. Martin Ypma was called to accompany the 20 families and 13 singles it so happened that around the same time in 1847 people immigrated Zeeland.  An agreement was made and the Zeelanders decided to stay west of the swamp, so the Friesians went a few miles east and named the settlement “Vriesland” after their native country in the Netherlands.  The first church meetings were held outdoors on the corner of 72nd and Gordon Street.  From 1848 to 1860 services were held in the First Log School House and Church.  In 1869, the steeple church was built on the corner of 64th and Byron Road and was used until 1973.  In 1979, Vriesland built a new church a quarter mile from the steeple church.


Address:  6839 Byron Rd, Zeeland, MI