Rix Robinson Trading Post

Name of Historic Site:  Rix Robinson Trading Post

Description of Historic Site:  This site was originally home to the Rix Robinson fur trading post and warehouse.  Robinson was a well know and top notch fur trader he was also the first immigrant to have a successful relationship with the area Native Americans.  In 1890 another building was built and became a ticket office for Nathaniel Robbin’s Goodrich Steam Line.  Throughout the years the building housed many different businesses.  In 1970 the Loutit Foundation bought the property in efforts to improve the looks of the waterway after the purchase they turned the land over to the city.  In 1982 the city agreed to sell the property with one caveat that they keep the integrity of the Robbin’s ticket office.  In 1984 the Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce moved into the building.

Address:  1 South Harbor Dr, Grand Haven, MI