Park Theater

Name of Historic Site:  Park Theater

Description of Historic Site:  Built in 1886 this building was originally a mill sometime in 1896 and 1902 the building was converted into a feed store.  In 1920 the building was named the Colonial Theater because of a devastating fire in 1935 it was renamed the Park Theater.  The theater used to be home to a Wurlitzer organ which brought a whole new experience to the motion picture experience.  The theater was sold to the Butterfield Theater group out of Chicago who then closed the doors to the theater in 1984.  2000, the Holland Windmill Chorus purchased the building with the hopes to raise money to use the building to make it their permanent performance hall.  2001, a newly created non profit called the Park Theater Foundation purchased the building for the chorus and renovated the building.  It is now used a multi-purpose venue.

Address:  248 South River Ave.  Holland, MI