New Groningen Cemetery (Michigan Historic Marker)

Name of Historic Site:  New Groningen Cemetery/Groningen Informational Designation

Description of Historic Site:  The New Groningen Cemetery is the last remnants of the settlement Jan Rabbers tried to create for the Dutch immigrants that were not farmers.  The cabin and store that once stood here are now long gone. The Rabbers family sold the land to the churchyard association after the settlement moved a mile north of the original village.  Groningen was established in 1847 by Jan Rabbers, a follower of Alburtus Van Raalte.  Rabbers picked this location near the end of the Black River which he thought would be a main way for trading.  He built his home, a store, and nearby he also built a mill.  In 1856 the bridge that Rabbers had built over the river was washed out.  When the new bridge was built it diverted away from the Groningen settlement and the settlement moved a mile north to New Groningen.

Address:  106th Ave between Perry St and Paw Paw Dr. Holland/Zeeland