Cutler House Hotel – now private residences

Name of Historic Site:  Cutler House Hotel

Description of Historic Site:  Dwight Cutler constructed the Cutler House in 1871. It was one of the most popular hotels in the state because of its high-end amenities.  In 1889, a large fire broke out destroying 50 business including the Cutler House.  In 1890, Mr. Cutler built a new hotel. Although small, it still held the same quality of service.  The hotel permanently shut its doors in 1914 to make room for Beaudry’s Department Store.  In 1976, lifelong resident Gerry A. Witherell bought the building.  It became home to many local retailers and small businesses.  In 2006 Mr. Witherell, along with Michael C. Miller formed Cutler House Condominiums.

Address:  9 South Third Street Grand Haven, MI (private residences)