City of Grand Haven (Michigan Historic Marker)

Name of Historic Site:  Grand Haven Informational Designation

Description of Historic Site:  The City of Grand Haven was founded and named by Rix Robinson in 1830.  Robinson was an agent for the American Fur Company and used the area of Grand Haven as one of the leading trading post in western Michigan.  In 1834 Reverend William Ferry came from Mackinac to work with Robinson on developing the town.  The Grand Haven Company was formed and land was platted and sold.  By 1837 there were more than 200 hundred citizens.  As more people came to settle in Grand Haven the fur trade declined and lumbering was the up and coming boom, by 1870 there were several sawmills, a shingle mill, and a sash and door factory.  By this time in Grand Haven’s history the town had grown to 6,000 residents.  The city also became very popular as a health resort town because of its magnetic mineral spring.


Address:  Rix Robinson Park Grand Haven, MI