Christian Reformed Church of Doornspljk – Michigan Historic Marker

Name of Historic Site:  Christian Reformed Church of Doornspljk Informational Designation

Description of Historic Site:  A Dutch settlement know as Oakland sprang up ten years after the founding of Holland in 1847.  Many of the area residents worshiped with Vriesland and Drenth until they formed their own churches.  One group built a church called East Overisel and another group worshiped in a schoolhouse called North Overisel.  In 1887, the two churches merged together to form the Holland Christian Reformed Church of Doornsljk, named after a small town in the Netherlands.  The North church was moved and lumber from the East church was used to build the new church.  In 1890, the church changed its name to the Oakland Christian Reformed Church.  The original 1887 structure stood on this site until 1953 when the present building was built.

Address:  4452 38th St Hamilton, MI