Blendon Landing (Michigan Historic Marker)

Name of Historic Site:  Blendon Landing (Property is now owned by Grand Valley State University Anthropology)


Description of Historic Site:  Blendon Landing was a village outside of Allendale, MI that was established in 1854.  It was named after the Blendon Lumber Company owned by a group of men – Brainard, Leonard, and Whipple – and managed by Alvin C. Litchfield.  The village was geared toward the lumber industry, the village had a tramway system powered by an old steam engine called “Old Joe.” Logs from this site were used to manufacture ships, railroad cars, and guns.  In 1960, the community of Blendon had 200 residents.  In 1864, the sawmill burned. The railroad was abandoned in 1870, and by 1912 Blendon was deserted.  Richard E. Flanders, a college professor from Grand Valley State University, began to excavate the Landing as part of the Archaeology program.

Address:  Reister Ave. at the Grand River (West side) Allendale, MI