Second Street Bridge Allegan

2nd_street_bridgeDescription of Historic Site:  The Second Street Bridge located in Allegan was built in 1886 to replace the original wooden bridge that had fallen into disrepair connects Second Street over the Kalamazoo River.  It was designed by the King Iron Bridge Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio.  It is a double-intersection Pratt truss bridge that measures eighteen feet wide and spans 225 feet of the Kalamazoo River it is one of the largest extant bridges designed by this firm.  In 1983 after a battle from city officials and citizen the bridge was restored.  The bridge was carefully floated down river to Holland where restoration would take place.  In June the bridge was floated by down river to Allegan and reassembled.  The bridge is still used today.

Address: Second Street over Kalamazoo River Allegan, MI